Welcome to the Degen NYC!

We are not your typical store that could be found in the shopping centers you frequent. Instead, we provide you with unique, artistic, and high-quality clothes that would allow you to express your personality the best way possible – through fashion.

We are composed of artistic individuals who have the talent in making art creations. We have already joined many exhibits and art contests in the country and we are proud to say that we have already proven ourselves in this field. As such, we hope to bring this into something that would mean a lot to individuals. We thought of making clothes as our canvass.

Are we successful in this venture?

We are happy to say that ever since we started this business in 2002, we have already gained a lot of customers. Hippy, fashionistas, emo – name it, we had the chance to work with each one of them already. So far, we can say that everything was a success because they keep on trusting us when it comes to the clothes they wear. Many of them even claimed that ever since they tried the apparels that we sell, not once did they even consider going back or looking for other stores. They definitely love us because our clothes here allow them to express themselves better. We create the best OOTDs for them that are unique and not seen elsewhere. From tops to bottoms, we have it here. We also give them the accessories that would best complement their clothes. What more is that we made shopping better and more convenient for them as we add international shipping to our list of services.

We know that it is hard to believe what we offer here. But please read various feedback from our customers at our Testimonials page so you would be well guided. You can check there what our customers are saying about us. You can verify there what kind of store we are offering here.