“I have nothing anymore to ask Degen NYC. They are simply the best when it comes to producing custom-made clothes. I love having my clothes customized because I am very particular about getting unique pieces. It makes me uncomfortable to see someone wearing the same article of clothing I have. The bad thing is that the tailors I hire before do not really understand what type of clothes I want. They just pretend to visualize what I am describing to them but after the clothes are done, they are not at all similar to the ones I described which are very frustrating. With Degen NYC, I do not have this problem. In fact, they even go beyond my expectations of them. They even draw my designs before they start making them so there won’t be any misunderstandings between us. Then, after we already established a rapport, I start trusting them in creating my clothes without instructions. I gave them the free will to dress me up based on my personality and so far, it worked well. I do not anymore buy from others since I started buying from this store.”


“Degen NYC gives nothing less than high-quality clothes. They make sure to meet the standards of their customers for both of their products and services. I’ve been buying from this stores for many years already and so far, I have no complaints. They deliver what they say they would and they are very easy to talk with. They know how to put into reality whatever it is that their customers want. This store is really heaven sent. 5-stars. Recommended. If you want something unique, you should trust their service. You won’t regret it, I guarantee you.”


“Great service from the people behind Degen NYC. Nice statement shirts! I love it!”