What Are The 3 Types Of Goals For The New Year

As the year nears its end, the majority of people tend to reflect on the goals they have accomplished. You begin thinking about the things you would like to do in the coming year. However, goals are tricky to some extent.

If you set an incorrect goal, you may finish where you did not want, or end up misusing your energy and period. Here is a look at the three types of goals for the new year.

Daily Goals



One of the fastest ways to change everything is by setting daily goals. Dedicating a few minutes to your daily goals is enough to make a huge impact. What matters most is the consistency of doing it daily rather than time.

For instance, ten minutes run every day equals sixty hours of running in a year. Setting daily goals is hence one of the ways to achieve big in your life.

Lifetime Goals

This type of goal involves listing all the goals that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. However, you should be willing to change them often as your perspective on life continues to improve continuously. In our thirty’s, our lifetime priority might be a success and making money, but they may change when we get older into health and spending time with the family. Set your lifetime goals in terms of what is most important to do, experience, or be during your lifetime.

Categorical Goals


Here, you should set goals that you need to attain in different areas of life. Most people make goals in one area and end up forgetting the other areas. According to this page it’s essential that we set categorical goals in all our life aspects, including; health, career, family, education, religion, and others.


As we get into the new year, new anticipations, new opportunities, and new visions, this is the perfect time for you to start thinking about your new year goals. Start planning about what is right to you and what you want the new year to bring. Grab a pen and paper and get down to paper.

What Are The 3 Types Of Goals For The New Year
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