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The high prices, tough technical terminologies, and nebulous production make it intimidating for beginners to dive into the world of fine jewelry. However, the current generation cares for value, style, ethics, and sustainability. As such, finding good jewelry is unavoidable. Below are the best places to buy good quality jewelry.

Gray & Sons Jewelers

The Gray & Sons Jewelers is a reputable jewelry store that sells meticulously restored and reconditioned certified pre-owned watches and jewelry pieces.


They can as well order special unused watches from famous brands, with an incredible selection of modern jewelry, including diamonds and other types and qualities. The store regularly stocks new watches and jewelry pieces and helps owners sell their original pieces.

Everich Corporation

Everich Corporation is another excellent coral gables jewelry store with a wide array of quality pieces. The store is a family-owned business that is committed to providing quality and excellent service with their jewelry pieces.

Everich Corporation caters to both wholesale and retail clientele searching for precious stones, gemstones, crystals, an expansive selection of beaded chains, and more.

Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry

Vivid Diamonds & Jewelry are established dealers of fine jewelry that specialize in gemstones, estate/antique jewelry, and fine diamonds.

The store features an amazing collection of various types of rings, brooches, necklaces, pearls, bracelets, watches, earrings, and incredible quality men’s wear such as cufflinks. You can as well order custom jewelry, which is manufactured to suit individual demands.

Santayana Jewelers

Santayana Jewelers is an affordable store that specializes in custom jewelry designs, custom engagement rings, high-end jewelry repair, baby jewelry, and more. The store stocks the latest products trending in the jewelry world and classic styles that never run out of fashion. If you are a jewelry enthusiast looking for a perfect gift, the store certainly has something for you.


Be it a single, thin gold ring, sparkling diamond laced earrings, or a heavy statement necklace, jewelry is a personal purchase that makes an outfit appear more polished. When looking for the best place to purchase these pieces, find reputable stores that stock original pieces, and sell at reasonable prices.

Where Can I Buy Good Quality Jewelry
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